The BULLING and the rbgnnkognah` in i`o`m

Many children are suffering now in Japan from the stress given by their parents and their school teachers. They reveal symptoms like stomach pain, nausea, headache, laziness and so on. They can not get up in the morning from these symptoms. They are not ill, but most of them receive medical treatments, which mentally make them worse. Most of people, especially teachers and doctors, do not know the reasons of why many children appear these symptoms. In spite of not telling with their words that they do not want to go to school, they just say that with their symptoms. This state of children we call the refusal of going to school ( TOUKOUKYOHI in Japanese ).

One of the most serious problems of children in Japan is that children tease badly their classmates. Sometime a student who recieved the tease suicides himself. Most of these cases, his or her parents and teachers do not know the reason why the suicide has occurred. Many people blamed that the students who suicide themselves were mentally weak. But the truth is different.

In Japan the violence to the student by the teacher tends to be allowed. Many students are required to study hard in order to pass the entrance examination of famous high schools and universities. Students must study a lot and must obedient to their teachers at school. Even after coming home they must go to afterschool and study a lot till late at night. They must always compete in the school work with their friends. They are evaluated with the fact that how many marks they can get through the achievement test they received. From this reason they are very tired. They can not understand why they must study. They feel breathless atmosphere at school. They are afraid of the violence from the teacher. Some of students get injured in their heart and become to refuse to go to school. Another some of students tend to play tricks to the weakest classmate, which is the origin of the tease. Another some of students do illegal in order to say that they do not want to go to school. The reason why they do illegal is that they do not want to go to school, but their parents do not allow their absence from school, then they do illegal, and teachers punish them not to come to school.