Chemical substance hyper-reactivity and Panic disorder

    They say that the amount of the people, who are suffering from chemicalsubstance hyper-reactivity and sick-house-syndrome, is increasing. Many clinicians have tried to define the disorder of them from the view point of hyper-reactivity and allergic problems, but in vain. Here I try to suggest the hypothetic genesis of them because they are not looking from the view point of cognitive science.

    I dare say that chemical substance hyper-reactivity and panic disorder are similar, and the genesis of them are almost the same. Speaking to the difference of them, conditioned stimulus of chemical substance hyperre-activity comes through the nose, that is, smell, and the conditional stimulus of panic disorder is the sight or the sound, and sometimes the image of the conditional stimulus. These stumuli go from sensory organ to new cortex of the brain, and to AMIGDALA. These stimuli are judged there, and the conclusions are sent to HYPOTHALAMUS, and the reactions against conditional stimuli are produced in his body.

panic disorder

unidentified conditioned stimulus which produces fear -->eye or ear-->limbic system (AMIGDALA) -->HYPOTHALAMUS-->symptom of panic and symptoms of fear and anxiety through involuntary nervous system.

chemical substance hyper-reactivety

unidentified conditioned stimulus which produces fear -->nose-->limbic system (AMIGDALA) -->HYPOTHALAMUS-->symptom of depression and the symptom of fear and anxiety through involuntary nervous system.

    When a man experiences certan strong successive fear, he learns something just around him as a conditioned stimulus. The conditioned stimulus whichi he learnt and produces fear inside him, is very common to others and even to him, so that no one can recognize that conditioned stimulus produces fear in him. I call this phenomenon, this reaction as Psychic TRAUMA or only TRAUMA.

    I must explain the reasons why I conclude that chemical substance hyper-reactivity is a PSYCHIC TRAUMA. A man shows the involuntary nervous symptoms when he recognizes the smell(chemical substance). The amount of the substance in the air is very a little so that it can not be hazzarded to him. Adding to this, the response to conditioned stimulus occurs so fast, almost instaneouly, that we cannot explain the response time with allergic reaction. We cannot find any trace of allergic reaction inside him. Therefore I propose the idea of TRAUMA to explain it.

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